Mac not supported

Limitations without registration:

Limitations without registration:

  • You can only use planes up to a maximum weight of 2 tons.
  • You can only use helicopters up to a maximum weight of 6 tons.
  • You can only hire 1 employee.
  • You can only add one FBO.
  • You cant create FBO routes or custom routes.
  • You can’t buy aircraft.
  • You can’t do airliner tenders.

Information on installing and using X-CPL-Pilot can be found in the manuals.

* Supported operating systems
  • Windows
  • Linux (tested on Debian / Kubuntu / Mint)

    If you are unsure, simply download it and test whether XCPLP runs on your system.

Patch notes

V1.510 (BETA)

  • Linux migration.
  • GUI changes.
  • Correction of spelling mistakes.
  • Message board added to main page.

  • Tooltips inserted for various elements.
  • X-CPL-Pilot in plugins-folder can now also be renamed.
  • New FBO system. (Control of job generation via the FBO level)

  • – Aircraft now loaded in proper cold and dark
  • – Position update with DB queries in flight should no longer block X-Plane.
  • – Management of office staff and material scrapped … because boring without visual representation.
  • – Emergency function scrapped for later revision.
  • – Pathfinding for ground vehicles and debug test flights revised.

V1.412 (06.11.2023)

  • If the FBO is not found via ICAO, an alternative is used at exactly the same position, if found. (Can happen if ICAO was changed from XP11 to XP12).
  • Crash fixed when window gets closed.

V1.411 (04.06.2023)

  • Added warnings if more than 2 FBOs or more than 2 route connections are added.
  • Status count for route generation corrected.
  • Project structure for multiplatform compilation changed.
  • The offset for the default window position when opening a window can now be set in the settings window.
  • SAR: You can now press the ping button on the tablet to see the rescue zone on the map for a few seconds.