Does it work in VR

To 100% yes. That was the main reason for developing it.

Are helicopters supported?

Yes. All your aircraft till maximum takeoff weight of 20 tons are supported. XCPLP will choose destinations that met the aircraft type. In the case of helicopters it will prefer airports with helipads.

Can you change the amount of seats?

You can change the number of seats if the number is incorrect. This can be the case as XCPLP tries to find out how many seats the plane is likely to have. The maximum number of seats is limited by the maximum payload of the aircraft.

Are there levels or ranks?

Yes. The ranks or levels (if you like). You rise the rank by increasing your flight hours. After a certain number of flight hours, you can use planes with a higher MTOW.

Can you land everywhere?

Yes you can. But you wont get the full income of the contract. It is cut by 50%. You will get the rest by fulfilling the contract.

Do you have to fly chartered aircrafts back?

Yes, you should. If you pick a contract, it is often advisable to look for contracts that will take you back to the FBO. Otherwise you have to fly empty.

If you dont fly the airctaft back, you will have to pay a fee. But this will probably be optional in the future.

Can you buy aircrafts?

Yes. There is an airplane market that, with a little luck, will offer something you like. But buying an airplane is very expensive. In addition, your income is a little closer to reality. So you will have to fly a lot to be able to afford it. It becomes easier if you hire employees wich generate additional income.

Can you create your own routes?

Yes. You can create your own routes. However, these must always go from an FBO. Your main FBO is free. Each additional FBO costs fees that are collected periodically. These differ in height depending on the size of the airport.

Does it work in X-Plane 12

It works in X-Plane 12, but you need to download a separate version. Also note that X-Plane 12 is still in beta and there may be problems. The SDK that uses X-CPL-Pilot is not final.

Is there a Mac/Linux version?

Expected support for Mac and Linux end of 2023.