So, what am I doing here? Squeeze a bit of money out of you to finance my expensive lifestyle?

Well, hell no. 😉

As you probably know, X-CPL-Pilot was released in summer 2020. I worked on this project for now almost 4 years! There weren’t many nights that I wasn’t working on the code. There is always something to work on, beside support mails I have to answer.

There wont be a X-CPL-Pilot 2.

Its not my thing to sell you the same with another number behind it.

X-CPL-Pilot will be continuously developed further.

The focus is currently on the development of the multiplayer part. Unfortunately, this is also associated with ongoing server costs.

In addition, the development also costs a lot of time, of course. So every dollar helps me move forward.

So if you would like to support this project even further I would be incredibly grateful.

Just have a look at or donate something via paypal.